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Shaman King

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When my friend first got me into Shaman King last june, I pointed to Faust and said "I want to cosplay him." And since that day, Faust has been a dream cosplay of mine. A year and a half later, I finally got to wear my dream cosplay to a convention.

The shirt...thing is the first piece of a cosplay I've ever made from scratch and even though it's held together by velcro and safety pins, I'm pretty proud of it. My pants didn't get done in time for the convention so the bands are duct tape. The labcoat is the same one I wore for Hatori. I made the oracle pager myself out of craft foam and my friend made me the little manta heart as a birthday present.

I bought the skeleton from the craft store but about 15 minutes after arriving at the con, someone bumped into me and her lower legs snapped right off. Luckily, I was already wearing a scarf and doing the manga version.


@Quinn the Shiki
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Series Shaman King
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