Sasha Braus

Attack on Titan



I have always love the character Sasha, as she reminds me so much of myself. I just love her blunt, random, clueless personality, and I find that absolutely adorable. <3

Pants are actually jeggings (jean-type leggings) that I purchased at The Closet.

Boots purchased off amazon

The wig was purchased from amazon as well but came in waaaay too long. Thankfully, TricksterRedux was nice enough to style it for me.

The harness was IMPOSSIBLE to get on, in fact my dad spent almost an hour trying to figure out how Sasha even got the harness on herself. At one point, we cut off some excess pleather that was sticking out and modified the dang thing to fit, haha. Thanks Dad! ;p

I had to buy the jacket and other materials because my dad and I are working on the 3DMG thing that Sasha wears in the actual show.

UPDATE: I'm no longer using my Sasha wig to Cosplay Sasha. Now, I'm just using my real hair with the ponytail extension clip my wig came with.

UPDATE 2: Got some new boots. More accurate this time. Can't wait to wear the revised version! :D


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Series Attack on Titan
Character Sasha Braus
Variant Survey Corps Uniform


DrTights You Look great! You make an awesome Sasha Good luck with the maneuver gear! Even some of my experienced prop maker friends say it was one of the harder things to build!