Megurine Luka

Vocaloid 3



Haha I'm not really sure how I got roped into this.. Im actually not a huge fan of Magnet but was pretty convinced to do it when we decided on making up our own design for it haha. However, our designs ended up having to change quite a bit when Trina accidentally burnt part of her dress and had to cover it up (The fabric was too expensive to re-buy) and then we had to balance out the dresses OTL

I still don't have as many appliques as her because I hate applique QAQ;; I refuse to do any more haha.

I'm not sure what kind of suiting she used for her dress, but mine is black casa satin with both of our decals made with brocade and heat n' bond (er-I didnt have time to buy heat n' bond >A>;; I made this 2 days before the con because I was still stuck making a ballgown) with ribbon, lace and buttons.

Trina made both our headphones from ribbon, ribbon spools, foamie, felt, ribbon, a headband and ruffled black fabric. She also made our wrist cuffs from lace ribbon and the leftover brocade from our dresses.

We danced to Amanda Lee and Aqua's english version of Magnet and OTL it was so scary. It was my first performance and I was so scared I felt like I was going to fall off my heels. It ended up not going too badly though ouo;; Next time we'll definitely practice more xD;;


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