France (Francis Bonnefoy)

Hetalia: Axis Powers



I've been waiting a year to do this costume, and I'm SO happy with how it turned out. As my 3rd costume I've completely sewn, I really wanted to do it properly with lining. And then I was being picky and wanted to make a costume that was semi-historically accurate (I won't ever pretend it's 100% though XD). It really was a trying task filled with much table flipping and rage at Himaruya for his artistic liscences in historical costume art. Half the time I was looking between the reference and at my books of Enlightenment costumes and wondering "...WTFisthisbullshit?"

But in the end it's done! I may update some photos of the seperate layers included in this (and if I ever decide to make the breeches I'll include those as well)

One blouse, two vests with working buttons, and an overcoat, as well as stockings and some modified shoes. There's 80 buttons on this in total if I can remember correctly.

Which were all handpainted with nailpolish might I add <3


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character France (Francis Bonnefoy)


ametheneko Very, very well done! The meticulous effort you put into this really shows! I know how hard it is working while balancing Himaruya's art and historically acurate clothing. You managed to really triumph over it, though! Bravo~! <3