IantoHarkness as Wizardmon


Digimon Adventure 02

Cosplayer: IantoHarkness
Me as Wizardmon from Digimon at Närcon2010 in Sweden.
Sadly there wasn`t many who recognized my character, but I was still cool enough to be taken pictures of. (as I got in the newspaper)

The costume was a real pain in the arse, my nose was itching, my bf tried to kiss me several times which pissed me off cus the nose thingy was a mess to get back up without smudging the makeup.

And The bib thingy was connected to the cape which was bad, cu´z it got weighed down and slid back all the time.

And it was a bitch to walk XD I looked like a penguin!

Not going to re-do this for a long time.