Severus Snape

Harry Potter Series



So, Snape bring sexy back, and he has an awesome coat. I want to bring sexy back and wear an awesome coat, so I thought it might be a good idea to cosplay Snape.

This costume involves wool trousers I already owned, a muslin shirt (constructed similarly to an 18thc shirt because they're much simpler than modern ones), black cravat thingy, and previously mentioned badass coat. The coat is a heavy black wool and the pattern was almost entirely draped by me, expect for the sleeves, which were adapted from a Simplicity coat pattern. The badass coat is also carefully tailored, shaped and interfaced to give me a more masculine shape (more width at the waist and shoulders), and it features a stupid amount of buttons and handsewn buttonholes that I did while healing from an appendectomy and on lots of percoset.

The wig is a New Look "hannah" in 1B, coated in hair wax and other products to look greasy and icky. I also messed around with makeup to make myself look older. My friends say it looks sufficiently creepy.


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Series Harry Potter Series
Character Severus Snape


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