I've had the idea for a true-to-game version of GLaDOS for a few years now, and decided to tackle it over the past three months. Of course, that had to include hanging upside down from a five-foot structure (anything for accuracy, right?). I went with her Portal 2 version for the additional detail and grittiness. I made the armor, structure, harness, and backdrop from scratch, including wiring her up with almost a hundred LEDs and painting the in-game graffiti.
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Series Portal
Character GLaDOS

Sakura Efreet This is epic! And I hate to throw that word around. Really though, just amazing. Lovely work! Can't wait to show this to some of my friends! :)

Dreadnought Nice work. :)

LadyCrankypants Holy crap that looks amazing! I hope to see more shots :) I've been thinking about the same thing for a while, you know "All the GLaDOS cosplayers I see are girls in white with a mask... I wonder what would be necessary to make it a little more game-accurate" Not to say the rest don't look good, but this is fantastic!

mqnania AMAZING <3