Lilith Aensland

Darkstalkers / Vampire



Every picture uploaded from april 2016 and on is of the improved version 2 that also has a prop!
All the Work In Progress of this costume is moved to:
Ever since I saw the character design of Lilith for the first time, I knew I wanted to cosplay her! The big "problem" was that I thought Lilith wouldn't be a good cosplay without a Morrigan. For multiple years I asked and looked around to try and find someone interested, but without succes. Until a few months ago! After finding my Morrigan, we started to work on the costumes together to make sure they would be the same in style and construction.


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Series Darkstalkers / Vampire
Character Lilith Aensland
Variant Default outfit


Maakie @ Michael7647 Thank you! :) There were some back-view pictures made, but I'm not sure yet if these will be in the final selection with the photographer I had a shoot with recently! You can keep an eye out on this page!

Michael7647 Beautiful! I'd love to see a back view picture.