Sairu-Chan as Naho Saenoki

Naho Saenoki

Corpse Party

Cosplayer: Sairu-Chan
Status: Destroyed

I must've been in that Corpse Party hype when I made this. I'm not that into it now, though I still haven't finished the game lol. Still from the series Naho was one of the most interesting characters. I really couldn't say in the beginning what her intentions were and what was she up to, the finale really surprised me when Naho's true colors were revealed.
I have good memories cosplaying her though. I made this when Corpse Party was at it's peak and many people came and talked to me about the game and even took selfies with me. It was so cool and definitely one of the pros when it comes to cosplaying from something popular. :) Like I said though, I'm not that interested in this game anymore to cosplay from it.