Mistress of Pain

Diablo III


I'll upload this section later, but this costume asked me so so much work...

I'm pretty used to corset making/sewing now, so making corset and sleeves wasn't a too big job ;-) as usual I used black duchess satin, I had the chance to be able to get my fabric for a reasonable price!

The decorations are all hand sewed, as it's more precise and you can see less thread than when it's done with a machine.

For the legs: I used big plastic tubes, thermoformed them, and covered each one with 2 sprays of expansive foam then curved it.
Then I covered the legs with papier mâché and silicone to fill the holes (there are still some, I need to work a little more on the grey parts of the legs). I used foam to make the leg armors and decorations (demons' heads and stuff).

The legs needed to have 2 points to be linked to. One of them is my waist: I made a leather corset and put 2 metal rings per leg on it. Then made holes in the metal rings + PVC tubes and locked the legs in with the "butterflies" attaches. The the legs are touching the ground and roll with little wheels. Each leg is 1kg. But I absolutely didn't feel the weight thanks to the system.

I let a little bit of space between the corset and I, so the legs were moving a little bit around following my hips' movements.

For the big "ass", it's been made out of wood + insulation foam boards to make the intern skeleton. The I coated everything with expansive foam so it'd hold together. The abdomen is secured on me with 2 harnesses, it holds on the leather corset as well.

Thus the mechanism is hidden UNDER my corset ;-)


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Series Diablo III
Character Mistress of Pain
Variant Spider version


Jbenadon3 Your costume is amazing! I would to feature it in a video that I am making for Blizzard! It will be featured on their webpage, youtube, facebook, and twitter feed. Please check out the latest video that we made for them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6C-lm31WGQ Thanks and hope to hear from you soon, Jeremy B.

stardust1187 Too Awesome!! XD

Anubis8500 that is a rilly stunning costume. im verry impressed :) well dun.

etaru You had a stunning performance at ECG! This costume is nothing short of amazing.

[email protected] Thank you everyone, this makes me happy beyond words :-) you're all too kind, and being complimented by such talented cosplayers is a real treat! Many many thanks to coscom for the showcase <3

smirnoff bravo mabelle tes la meilleure

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KyasarinUriruzu You are truly talented beyond words!

Spik€ TU gèèèèèrres ! =D =3

Sephirayne This costume is incredible work. So impressive. Well done on it.

-Shoko- YEAH bravo paine c'était encore un super truc, et une super idée de l'avoir interpretée pour le coté " bête", et non humanisé, là ça donne une tout autre dimension =)

Mohmoh amazing!

Overbeck great job on the costume, looks great.

Thevina i'm soooo happy you got this showcased! I found this while doing a random search and was COMPLETELY blown away! Congratulations! WELL deserved

Hizaki san Han génial! Un costume si impressionnant mérite laaargement un showcase =) Bref, tout ça pour dire que j'ai beaucoup aimé ton cosplay à la finale de l'ECG, très beau travail !

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Kate O'Riley Girl this is the best cosplay you've ever made!! I've never been so proud to be belgian than this Japex =') congrats³ !!!