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Final Fantasy IX is my favorite RPG and Dissidia owns my soul. Kuja is the best villain in the series and one of my favorite characters ever. I've been wanting to make this since FF9 first came out, but I only now had both the skills and the balls to do it. (That, and Dissidia gives WAY more reference material to work with.)

This was a year of my life. Seriously. The patterning was batshit and the construction of this costume was tons of new territory for me. I feel like I gained 50 cosplay level-ups.

I didn't get around to including all the minor details though, like the gloves and bracelets. I also dyed my wig (started with a white New Look wig and dyed it grey), but didn't have time to fully style it at first and got around to cutting the bangs in later.

Anyway, some of the specs -

+ Fabrics: polyester stetch suede, country cotton, cotton sateen, costume satin, glitter organza, pleather, Egyptian cotton

+ Tons of bias tape (much of which was painstakingly hand-mitered and painted)

+ Plastic boning for reinforcement in the boot fins and bolero biceps, lots of tightly packed fiberfill in the ball shoulders

+ Craft foam and Paperclay used for the boot armor, the front and back strap anchors, the chest belts, the shoulder "wings", and the feather hairclip

+ Embroidery for the chest "grill" motif and the buttcape trim (the gold trim was a combination of embroidery, Lumiere paints, and faux pearls)

+ A codpiece that rivals the Goblin King. (And I tailored it to my ass quite nicely, thank you.)

All in all, it involved a hell of a lot of experimenting and headache-inducing thought to plan it all out. Some things worked really well, other things didn't. I'd like to completely remake this costume at some point, because pretty much everything could be done better.


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Series Dissidia: Final Fantasy
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Variant Fusion of Dissidia and FF9 design elements


DarkFF666 Wow, your Kuja is really cool. I like how you made the shoulder are on the jacket to stand up and your greaves. Great work !

Kiichigo Awesome work done on this :)