Mr. Slave

South Park



This costume, I had a lot of fun wearing. The hat and vest were bought at a Halloween store. There really isn't much to say about this costume except "Jesus christ".


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Series South Park
Character Mr. Slave


CruzingQuinn Still can't get over how well you did this cosplay, it's just all kinds of awesome and glad someone managed to pull off Mr. Slave so well! Great job!

MaiCosplay Awesome!

Thowra OMG This cosplay is to die for!!!You seriously have just made my day with this! The Details look great! More pics please!

Randommerade Holy crap, this is the most perfect cosplay ever. <3

mqnania YES ALL OF THE YES EXCELLENT this is the best X3

Kenkaya Wow! I've never seen a Mr. Slave cosplay before! This looks perfect!

LinkPwnsGanon haha! Oh wow! I seriously wish you had more pictures of this! xD

Monocle_Complex You seriously have just made my day with this! Great angle and picture, I have to say this is probably one of the most unique cosplays I have ever seen! :)

Ion I seriously wish you could add pics to this costume, you cosplayed the character so well!

dotingly This is probably my favorite of yours! I love South Park and I love the expression on your face!

Thearah HOW COOL! This is awesome!

Nikineko OMG!!! Mr. Slave! Looks freakin' awesome!

IntraVentus This still blows my mind on how fun this costume must've been. :D

prince_izumi JESUS-CHRIST!!!! This is epic <3

cphantasm89 ha ha ha "Jesus Christ......"

-doku OMG someone cosplayed it made absolutely my day QWQ

Ragtime Mouth Fan-fckin-tastic! You get an A+, Mr. Slave.

bottle I don't see why you don't wear this costume every minute of every day.

sam vimes Yes! Yes! Love it! Holy shit, yes.

mentokjebus wow of all the unexpected cosplays... I hope you talked like him too. You can probably repurpose this for Hard Gay cosplay.