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Yoko Tsuno



Yoko Tsuno is a long-running (since 1970) Franco-Belgian comic-book series, or BD (bande dessinée), by sole author Roger Leloup.

I grew up with it (along with other European comic-book heroes like Tintin and Asterix), and I've been dreaming of cosplaying as Yoko long before I even knew what cosplay was.

Luckily, my friends Niklas (photographer) and Inu (cosplayer) loved the idea of doing a "retro" style photoshoot with the Yoko Tsuno characters, so I finally got a chance to make this childhood dream come true <3

Check out the photoshoot at http://www.nebenzimmer.de/?id=yoko

Through this cosplay, I've already met a few fellow die-hard Yoko Tsuno fans on animexx (German anime & cosplay community), so we'll be back for more! :)

Cost: EUR 85 / ~US$ 120


There are no photos in this costume yet.

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mviolet Oh. My. Goodness. I grew up with Yoko Tsuno comics, too, so I nearly squealed (at work :'D) when I discovered this costume! The photoshoot pictures came out beautifully. Great job!