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Uma Thurman's rendition of Poison Ivy in "Batman and Robin" is one of my all-time favorite roles of hers. Despite all of the insanely corny-ness, I absolutely love that movie. SO! I decided (a long time ago, actually) that I wanted to give one of her costumes a go, and so when my twin and I were asked to be cosplay guests at Comicpalooza, I knew this was the time!

Hardest part: DAT LEOTARD. I painted in total for this costume over 500 leaves by hand... that's a lotta leaves, people! My mistake for the body, however, was using spandex underneath for the base, because when I put it on me, it would slowly sink down. I should have put some clear straps or something on it, but I'm not too worried, I'll fix it up for next time. :) The leotard easily took the most of my time, about three or four days of pretty solid work on it.

My favorite part about it is the eyebrows. They're just craft foam that I painted and spirit gummed to my eyebrows. Make sure you cover your eyebrows before you do this though, or you'll have one heck of a time getting them off! :P


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Character Poison Ivy


toughtink wow, those leaves! i've been looking all over the internet in search of more interesting ivy costumes, and i looove yours! the gold lining makes all the difference on the leotard. awesome job!

WitchoftheWest this is gorgeous!!! what did you make the leaves out of?

Shoomlah I'm usually not a huge fan of the literal ivy on Poison Ivy costumes, but it's usually because it's just thrown on there- I ADORE your application, it looks stunning. :D