Rikku-chan as Rikku (FFX)

Rikku (FFX)

Final Fantasy X

Version 3.0

Cosplayer: Rikku-chan

I've been working on my FFX Rikku costume since 2003 or 2004, and now I'm on attempt #3!

New as of 2011:
-Shoulder disks
-fingerless gloves

New for 2012:
-leg pouch
-oversized glove

Shirt- Made from high performance matte spandex lined with fleece for thickness and shape. This material was by far the most expensive part of this costume! No pattern was used and much fixing up is needed (collar is too wide, shoulders too wide, sides need to be tighter). The neckline is pleated and beaded with alternating pale pink/yellow pearls. The shirt is almost entirely handsewn because my machine liked to eat the material XP.