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Wow, i am super surprised by this one. I managed to finish it two days before the expo in july, only starting it two weeks before. I had planned Lulu for quite a while but since i could not find the right corset, i gave up. Until i saw the perfect one. I've always wanted to cosplay Lulu, ever since i first started playing FFX.

The necklaces and the hairsticks were commissioned off since i have no jewelry skills or experience lol. Thanks Melissa :)

For my hair, i actually dyed it black and cut my bangs for this cosplay. I braided some extensions and sewed them on a hairband so that when i make her top bun, i can just place the hairband around it and it will natural since i cover the band with the rest of my hair. It has been mistaken as my hair which is just what i wanted :)

The top is made from a corset i bought at Torrid(took me 5 months to find the right one..) I sewed the sleeves once finished, and instead of sewing the fur/wool piece i attached it with fast metal snaps so i can easily take it off and put it on. It was the first time for me working with heavy, and well its not easy to sew lol. I decided not to line the corset's boning in the end since i did not want to risk breaking my needle or ruining the corset.

As for the bottom part, my friend helped me make it though i made an accident by making the hole too big and had to add strips of fabric used on the skirt to the back to cover some of it up. Once i relax a bit i will then replace the belts we made with actual belts.

All in all i lost count how much i spent exactly, but i had so much fun cosplaying her :) I can't wait to cosplay her again


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