ViviSashimi as A2


NieR: Automata

Cosplayer: ViviSashimi
I really loved cosplaying A2! I hope I get another chance to cosplay her once again!

Wig | I had a cheap white wig from a previous cosplay already. This was the first wig I ever crimped. Really like how it ended up looking, can't say I'd do it again unless necessary, haha. It added volume which was the goal!

Costume | I bought the costume off Alieexpress and had to do a bunch of work to it. I weathered the fabric, took it in a various areas, and had to make the stockings from scratch.

Weapons | I decided to make the machine spear and machine sword mainly because they were fairly simple in design. Everything was made from EVA foam and PVC pipes, then painted and weathered.

Ended up losing one of the gloves at the con so now I'll have to remake it if I ever wanna wear her again ugghhh. :')