Rin Kagamine- Daughter of Evil




A favorite series of vocaloid songs of mine is the Story of Evil series, I also enjoy the novel that came out that goes more in depth on how Riliane (Rin) gets possessed by a demon for being selfish and turns into "The Daughter of Evil". This costume is very different from most others I've seen, mostly being black with yellow trim where as others I'm most familiar with are yellow with black trim. My first 'official' use of this cosplay will be at Indy Pop Con 2017 on Saturday, July 8th and I'm very excited/nervous/anxious to see how people receive it.


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Series Vocaloid
Character Rin Kagamine- Daughter of Evil


JaceGem Oh thank you so much! :) I'm glad you like it! I looked at your Daughter of Evil cosplay and you look amazing as well!

Jigouku Chou Oh yay! More Daughter of Evil cosplay! You look wonderful~