Josefumi Kujo

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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As you can see I have a thing for pompadour boys :) Josefumi’s appearance in manga is quite short but I love his personality very much and I’m really touched by the story of his life. Chapters about Fumi and Kira are my favorite in Jojolion so their cosplays have been truly long-awaited for Kaiten and I.

Making of this costume demanded a couple of weeks and the longest part of it was cutting and manufacturing of squares at his sweatshirt. Reproducing of Fumi's haircut was also quite difficult. We spent the whole evening and night before the festival on cutting and dyeing my hair and making of a new pompadour.

We performed in part 8 cosplays at Ajisai, cosplay festival in Penza. In our defile we wanted to tell the tragic story of Josefumi and Kira caused by their desire to obtain rokakaka fruit. Also we visited Moscow multifandom festival Hinode in these cosplays.

I'm sure we'll return to our boys more than once in future!

Defile video:


@Camui Tooru
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Series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Character Josefumi Kujo
Variant Manga cover vol. 12


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