Sangochan241 as Elesa


Pokemon Black and White

Cosplayer: Sangochan241
The headphones were made from a plastic ornament I found at a craft store, epoxy sculpt, rubbing tubing, and a black headband. I used the epoxy sculpt to make the red and blue portions and to attach the headphones to the headband.

In order to attach the rubber tubing to the headphones I wound up first gluing them to the plastic spheres and then molding the blue/red portions around the tubing in order to more permanetly attach it.

I then spray painted the whole thing white, sanded it for a smoother surface and then painted the red and blue parts!

For her mini dress I choose a yellow polyester interlock so that the dress would be strechy. I first made a basic tank top and then cut the middle out so that I could add the arrows.

The arrows and leggings are made from the same material so that they were the same color, texture, and had the same amount of shine. The leggings were purchased and I wound up buying two pairs so that I could cut my arrows from the other pair. For stability, I backed the arrows in some extra, thicker, vinyl I had left over from another costume.