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Terra~ I made this for myself and Celes for Jill as a fun surprise costume for Otakon! We both love FF6, and we've cosplayed them a lot XD The fun thing is I made both costumes for free~ just out of stuff I already had.
Love to make some adjustments before I wear it again though.
Wig: Luna wig, parted down the middle, bun in the back and then the rest falls from the bun. The tips are sharpied green since I love Terra with green hair, but did not want to dye the wig in case I used it for Luna again.
Top: Red poplin left over from Toph, with trim and lace added. Laces in back with grommets. Flowers painted on with puffy paint outline for texture.
Arm things: Same red poplin, same flower technique, and trim at the ends.
Skirt: Various fabrics and trims appliqued, lined for a clean finish.
Tights: watercolored and painted.
Scarves: All hemmed, trim added, finished to look pretty.
Choker: Ribbon, with pendant attached to chain then chain sewn into ribbon. Ties in the back. Then pink chiffon tiered for capey- thing. ^^

Based off of Sakizou artwork, then taken my own way. XD

Think that's it. Any questions, just ask~ :>


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Series Final Fantasy VI
Character Terra
Variant Sakizou


Narnian Lovely! You did a wonderful job!