Juvia Loxar

Fairy Tail



i will start head to toe:

hat is made of fleece and stiffened with stiff interfacing. pretty easy to make had a lamp that was the same circumfrance of my head and traced that in the end XD

necklace is made of foam. printed off the fairy tail symbol traced it on, cut it out, shaped the foam then painted it. simple eh?

jacket: is two parts, main jacket part then the cape on top. i've had quite the experience with those cape things. for the two vincent costumes i did so used the template again but modded it a bit to add more flare at the bottom. and jacket...patterned it off of one of my jackets at home. and the fur lining is faux fur scrapes i bought cheap and accumulated and have not used lol. it was fun trying to line up the grain of all the fur...it was a shame to get it wet though but i was intent on getting some water shots. but drying it and combing it out restored it back to normal XD

total time to make: 2-3 days
cost: cheap...can't remember the exact cost lol


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Character Juvia Loxar


lilaznfreak I think I saw you at Ota too! Thanks for the comment. Love your Juvia. Great job on the wig