Ramona Flowers

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World



My first real cosplay, from perhaps one of my favorite modern series. I got the dates wrong for the con, and ended up only having a week to put the costume together, but I still think it turned out great. I really enjoyed this character, met so many fellow fans at the con.

I purchased the wig at the mall, found a really great deal on it and decided to skip the shipping wait due to my lack of time. I ordered the pink fishnets and goggles online. I bought the navy jacket, skirt, brown shirt, and boots at Goodwill. I sewed the white stripes on the jacket and the pink and lavender on the skirt.

The hammer by taking a Styrofoam block, shaping it, adding joint compound for the texture, and spray painting. It was heavy, but I really liked the effect and it was worth it. I just stuck a dowel rod in the end, and used tons of Gorilla and Styrofoam glue to get it to stay in. Later, after the con (due to my short prep time), I added pleather details to the hammer, giving it less of a painted-dowel rod look and more of a weaponry look. It was really fun and easy to make!


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Series Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Character Ramona Flowers


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