Grell Sutcliff

Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler



The top, skirt, and arm-warmers are all made of 4-way Halloween stretch fabric.

The top was sewn as two tubes, and then together. The ribbon was hand pinned onto the shirt while I wore it, and then adjusted after removal. The top layer was sewn up and then sewn onto the rest of the shirt. Ribbons were added after.

The skirt was pretty basic, sewed up the back seam, then did the waistband, and cut up the bottom.

Arm warmers were sewn into tubes, and tapered in to fit my arms better. The holes were cut for my thumbs and then reinforced.

The tail is sewn from suiting.

Cat ears are bought from Yaya Han at Otakuthon 2011


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Series Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler
Character Grell Sutcliff
Variant Halloween


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