Alice Abernathy

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Costume rebuilt and completed properly starting from the previous version of Rome comics of March 2012. Version that came badly and needed to be improved for the sake of justice to the character, not just for pure aesthetics.
Harness, holsters and back all made of real leather, cut and fasten with nails.
The starting material is obtained from a bag that I had the pleasure to open and cut to pieces .. xD
The bodice is sewn entirely by hand. I spent a whole month and really struggled to create it, starting with a gray top on which I sewed strips of rope above carefully measured with a reference image of the costume and with the ruler.

I'm really happy with the improvement, now it is perfect, the only flaw are the boots as usual are always penalized for cosplay, often replaced with other models ... I'll change those too (should be much higher than mine, gray and lace-up front).
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Series Resident Evil: Afterlife
Character Alice Abernathy

Heitha Thank you Ammie, it means so much to me!!!! :D

Ammie Your costume is so accurate! You do bare a likness to Milla as well!!! Fantastic costume!! Everything about it is amazing XD