Maakie as Baby Jane (budget version)

Baby Jane (budget version)


First Bioshock-game outfit (budget version)

Cosplayer: Maakie
I made this Baby Jane-costume in three days with a tight budget of 10 euros (shirt made to a dress was 5 euros, rose was 1 euro, stockings were 2 euro, a small piece of black fabric was 2 euro's and the underwear/pants I had already in my possession). This is how it turned out. It was my first costume with heavy make-up.

I'm not very happy with how the "dress" turned out, but I think I did quite well looking back at my budget and the time I had to make this! xD I am the most proud of the underwear, stockings and the way I ripped my clothing. Ripping something so it looks natural is harder than it looks! xD