Grell Sutcliff

Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler



This is my Cheshire Cat Grell cosplay that I wore to the Florida SuperCon for half of the day Saturday (til I somehow lost my tail T.T ).
My friend actually gave me the Ears (made outta Sculpy with fur glued on),Tail (wired with fur over it), and Leg warmers (?).

The other parks of the outfit had the shirt,pants,gloves, and glasses from my Improved version of my Grell outfit.
The vest was from my very first Grell cosplay. The Shoes are new though I actually wore them first with my Modern Day Grell outfit to a meet up last month.

I'm glad I wore it and all but I think I'm gonna stick to normal Grell since I'm not sure how well I pulled it off. Also I probably have to get a new wig since I had to glue the ears to the wig and now without a tail so yeah.

But least I know that Michael J. Tatum thought I was "a sexy Grell" and loved Outfit and Grell voice! Squeee! <3 <3 Yes I met hig and I got his autograph! ://D


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Series Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler
Character Grell Sutcliff
Variant Cheshire Cat from Ciel in Wonderland


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