Leeloo Dallas

The Fifth Element



The Fifth Element, another great movie I fell in love with. I watched it a couple of years ago but decided late to make a cosplay.
I love the characters, love the setting, love the story, love everything about it. I realized it was istant love.

I started working on the costume three weeks ago or more, first piece I bought were the golden tights on which I sewed the vertical and horizontal black elastic stripes. the shirt was something found at home between my everyday clothes, but absolutely useless since I've never used to wear it.
The two most funny parts of this costume were the orange suspenders and the wig.
For the suspenders I bought a rubber tablecloth that I shaped, cut and glued accurately, for the wig, I used a very old one, stylized it with hair spray and coloured the hairline yellow.
To complete my Leeloo, I added a black belt and a pair of black short boots that I normally wear for everyday.
Last but not the least the Multipass, such an awesome thing you see in the movie. I loved to make it too ^^

I basically used paper, a little piece of plastic, glue and acrylic paint, very easy and funny work, then added a little chain to let it hold on the neck.

I was very detailed with this costume and so I drew a little Elements tattoo on my wrist, little amazing thing I saw in the movie. ahah I'm such a nerd xD


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Series The Fifth Element
Character Leeloo Dallas
Variant gold tights


Larxenne Thanks for the coment in my Lara´s Costume . This of Leelo its really... asfhgjfasf hdfjsh!!! Youre perfect like Leeloo *^*

zozo Lovely Leeloo :D Of course it's pretty awesome you are such a look-alike, but I'm really in love with your detail awareness and attitude. Extra pros on suspenders and wig!

Mohmoh great!