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Shi de! Zuihou,zhe zhang zhuanji jiu zai zheli! Ehm,i meant:Yes! Finally,the album representing myself as a J'avo from Resident Evil 6 is here!
With pride and also with great pleasure,i present you my first cosplay album on the internet (had been already cosplayed as my idol,Albert Wesker but those photographs were imperfect,so i keep them for myself)
Also featuring Rebecca as Sherry Birkin with Edonian costume.

As a typical admirer of villains,i decided to cosplay one of the "Gentlemen" J'avo from the very first spot of Chapter 3 of Jake and Sherry's Campaign,therefore that's why i chose a white background.

I would like to say many thanks to Rebecca,known as Straywind here,another one dedicated Resident Evil fan,who gave me the permission to proceed to this mix up in order to make my album more realistic and better! :-D
All right,enjoy people! :-D

Total amount of cost:250 €

Dimitris Papadopoulos


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Created 7 years ago
Series Resident Evil 6
Character J'avo
Variant The mix up with Straywind


Albert-WeskerGR Thanks! I am glad you liked them! ^_^

Straywind Great J'avo! Nice work on the mask! The mix up photos look really neat. (^^)