Yukari Yakumo




Costume consists of several major pieces: a jacket, a single skirt, a set of tabards, and five petticoats.

Leatherwork: Jacket and tabards are hand-dyed vegetable-tanned cow leather rolled shoulders. Leather was dyed with Deep Violet dye and sealed with sateen finish. Markings on tabards are stenciled and cut goat skin leather, pre-dyed. All structural leather is hand-sewn with saddle stitches using wax thread and a four-prong awl punch; all tabard marking leather is glued to the structural leather tabards. The jacket was based on a simple leather jacket pattern, and the front was cut appropriately. Snaps in the lower section of the jacket keep it together as the corset is donned.

Metal: All the silver seen on the costume that isn't chains is real silver leafing, applied with leafing adhesive and sealed.

Skirt/Satin Work: Skirt is bridal satin and lace, made in a bell shape and underlaid with five petticoats. Skirt zips in the back, under the rear tabard. Jacket's sleeves are bridal satin.

Petticoats: unlike normal petticoats, these have no cloth as part of them, just petticoat mesh. Constructed like long tutus, they stack on top of each other using elastic waistbands. Finer mesh on top evens out the pile, while stiffer mesh beneath adds volume to the pile.

Accessories: Chains are stainless steel punched through the leather; gemstones are pre-bought plastic gems with foil inside for reflection. Collar is satin; lace was pre-made. Corset is a black underbust, pre-made. Black sleeve beading is plastic gemstones. Trim is faux long-pile black fur. Collar gem mount is spray-painted Sculpey. Wig is a long wig from Arda in titanium blonde. Gloves are pre-made evening gloves because I hate making gloves. Contact lenses are rusty red lenses from the now seemingly defunct Coastal Contacts Halloween section.

When worn, this costume is incredibly heavy and warm for clothing. An undershirt is required to keep the leather seams from chafing, and the corset requires a strong set of arms to tie because it overlies, at the hips: tabard tips, jacket, and skirt waistband. When tied properly, the corset supports the breasts, but silicone insets keep them "pushed up" like a bra ordinarily would. The skirt has a hard time fitting through small doorways, but the lack of a hoop skirt has saved me thus far, providing a tradeoff between symmetry and flexibility.

Order of operations: jacket, then petticoats over jacket tails, then skirt, then tabards slip over the head as one unit, then corset. I cannot wear this costume for more than half a con day before the heat and lack of oxygen due to corset wears me out. I can easily overheat and will not be wearing this to summer conventions. The food court in the Prudential Center at Anime Boston nearly made me pass out from the heat. Despite what it might seem, I *can* sit and lie down in this outfit without harming it.

Several changes to this costume currently need to be made: the jacket needs to be adjusted to show more upper chest area (above breasts, over toward shoulders); lace needs to be mounted from the collar to the jacket area; skirt is too long and needs more petticoats to hold it up. Silver leafing needs to be repaired and re-sealed. The collar also needs to be tightened up. The metal piece on the front of the source material's skirt needs to be created, as I am not happy with the one I made out of Sculpey. Beads on the sleeves tend to snag and come off, and flat-bottomed small beads need to be re-mounted in place of the missing ones.


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Series Touhou
Character Yukari Yakumo
Variant Koumajou Densetsu


Kamryn Amazing, you don't see a lot of people working with real leather and silver leaf!