Odin Sphere



Originally made for a school ball. I wanted to make my own dress instead of buying one, and Gwendolyn's gown was perfect for the occasion.

-I made the gown out of three kinds of satin. If memory serves, this is the only costume I've used the glossier side of duchess satin in - I usually go with the "wrong" side due to preferring less shine.

-The bodice is boned and lined in two layers of cotton. It zips up the back. Most of the dress is one piece, but the silver gathers around the waist are a separate part.

-The skirts are full circles and there is a three-hoop crinoline under the dress. Making the ruffles took a while.

-The feathers are sewn to the wig.


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Series Odin Sphere
Character Gwendolyn
Variant Gown


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