Ghost Trick



I made pretty much everything for this cosplay: the skirt, the grey shirt and the jacket, which is fully lined. I made the whip with a wood dowel, paperclay and red pleather. The earrings were made with foam and paperclay. I added the straps to the shoes, and bought long pleather gloves and altered them. For the blue skin colour I used Paradise Makeup AQ body paint. I can't thank to Mademoiselle Fé enough for doing my makeup! It wouldn't have been as cool without her touch.

Last but not least, the wig! It was of course the biggest challenge of the costume. I used a Lulu in Light blonde from Arda Wigs with one pack of short extensions and one pack of long extensions. I made the cone shape with expanding foam and the "hoops" and the front curl with metal wire and clear tape. I covered them all with fibers then attached everything to wig, using a super structure under the netting of the wig to make sure it would be balanced (for more info, see Kukkii-san's awesome high ponytail tutorial).


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