Zipper Nova as The Batter

The Batter


Cosplayer: Zipper Nova
After playing the short version of OFF and making a friend at A-Kon who cosplayed as Zacharie one day, I decided I wanted to cosplay as the Batter with her one day, and just for myself as well. I seem to be the only Zacharie without a Batter so I just decided to be the Batter myself :/

I had originally planned on going with the white with black pinstripes uniform but upon closer inspection of not only Mortis Ghost's drawings but also of the game sprites, it appears to me that he doesn't have any pinstripes at all on him. With this in mind I wanted to buy everything I could from a uniform store or a place that sold baseball uniform pieces. I decided to go against this since my current funding at the time was incredibly low and I needed to save as much money as I could to get to A-Kon to hopefully cosplay with my friend there.

To see everything that went into this cosplay, like where I got my clothes and progress pics of the bat, and behind the scenes of photoshoots check out my deviantart!