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When I first started shiki at my friend's recommendation, way back when I couldn't remember any characters' names, I knew I wanted to cosplay Natsuno.
And yet sometime around episode 8, I wound up texting my friend "I think I'm gonna have to cosplay Dr. Sexy."
By Dr. Sexy, I meant Toshio Ozaki.
It was a relatively simple cosplay, I bought the whole outfit down to the shoes at Walmart (except for the lab coat, my dad ordered that online.) Then I got a wig and some makeup (which was also purchased at Walmart.) I had a wooden stake from my Buffy the Vampire Slayer phase, I found a mallet in my grandmother's basement, and my mom had a pen shaped like a syringe which she got at work.

Then I spent the day on my back porch covering all my clothes in an exorbitant amount of fake blood.

The wig though. The wig is a hairspray monster; 4 different cans of hairspray went into that spiky mess. And the makeup takes approximately 15 minutes to put on in its entirety.
Despite all that, I love cosplaying Toshio so much and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


@Quinn the Shiki
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