Ruby Toujo

Rosario + Vampire



-Ruby is the stereotypical shounen manga villain that has a change of heart and joins the crew. I found her evil witch garb much more appealing than her usual costume. Combined with the fact that the Otakon location provided the chance to recreate some of the city scenes, this costume was an easy choice!

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Dark Fox Photography:

-Skirt was made from a bellydancer skirt pattern. It was made from dark orange satin and distressed.

-The neckpiece was made from layers of white fabric, lace, and beads. I added the sunflower for a pop of color on an otherwise monochrome outfit.

-The shirt was made of two black
stretch knits, an opaque one from the bust and a thin one for the abdomen.

-Grey armwarmers were made out of a thin grey stretch knit and distressed.

-Black wristband was made out of the same thin fabric as the shirt.

-Bracelet was made out of amber colored glass beads on an elastic cord.

-Shoe bows were made of black cotton.

-Stockings were purchased and distressed by me.

-The wig was was the same one used for Yukiko, with added hair ribbons.

-Crow prop was a Halloween decoration purchased from Michael's.

-Silver bracelets, belt, shoes, and garterbelt were purchased.


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Series Rosario + Vampire
Character Ruby Toujo
Variant witch


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