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How to start...

"What's better than wearing your favourite metal band's shirt while cosplaying one of your favourite characters of one of your fav series??" That was the sentence I kept saying all day LoL Nothing can be compared with! XD

As a big tv series follower(or addicted is a more appropriate term), NCIS caught me a few years ago but never thought about doing any cosplay. Till now.. XD
I love Abby so much, she's a real style icon! And as a conseguence, another fav char, another cosplay! (because I just couldn't resist not to be her for a day -♥-)
For this cosplay I used all clother I usually wear when I go out, but without the bracelets and necklace, that are not so appropriate for me ^^'.
For the white uniform, I had to borrow it to my brother, who uses it at work XD.
Then the hair...that is a WIG! xD I didn't want to dye my hair anymore so I stylized well my black wig and fixed tightly on my was such a hard work but then had a great result :D

I swear this was the most funny con I've ever taken part to! from the morning to the evening people asked me to take pictures with them(thing that stressed me much but overall gave me lot of fun!)

What else to say...It was pure amuzement!!


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Series NCIS
Character Abby Sciuto


gypsy_girl You make an awesome Abby. Great job on putting together the look and a great job of posing.

RinoaYuna Non ho parole! Fantastico. Ho cominciato da poco con i cosplay, ma lei è assolutamente tra i miei piani futuri (sono una darkettona e lavoro in un laboratorio... non sai quanti mi paragonano a lei, e puoi immaginare che lei sia uno dei miei idoli!) Quindi... di nuovo i miei complimenti, un personaggio che mi piace tantissimo interpretato perfettamente! Sei bravissima.

seiryuux Absolutely perfect

PuuNyaa TWINS!