Vriska Serket




I am aaaaaaaall over this guys.There will 8e so many irons in the fire. All the irons, aaaaaaaall of them. ::::D

oct 23rd 2011
first make up test. It was splotchy and streaky.Still, it turned the right shade of grey. Now I have to get 8lue m8keup for the spidertroll in addition to red 8oot covers and wings.

Nov 5th: SO, i had a photo shoot with mostly done Vriska today. I might 8e posting the pictures when i get them. costume is done except for the wig.

Dec 9th: The pictures from the photoshoot came today. The 3D ones are still out 8ut will 8e coming in soon. I picked my f8vorites for the costume.

April1st, 2012: Vriska Serket had a good time at Anime Detour.


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Series Homestuck
Character Vriska Serket
Variant God Tier


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