Somewhat thrown together. Mask was bought for $2 at a variety store, it sits a bit funny and has to big a slit at the back so it slips out of place, so I may buy a more expensive one. The robe/tunic was made from an old 'grim reaper' costume I bought three years ago, I cut out the 'sharp' egde tears on the sleeves and bottom along with cutting it slightly shorter, since otherwise I'd trip over and I used the cut offs from the bottom to make the belt. I also added the pieces of material that hang from the sleeves. The boots are some black workboots that were my grandfather's and the gloves are a pair I wear in winter. I also carry around a plastic knife I had bought for another costume.
Since it's summer right now, I wear black shorts and singlet underneath to make it less hot and allow me to take of the robe if need be.


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Series Scream
Character GhostFace


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