Night Tenjo

Absolute Boyfriend



Well, I have to admit, this costume was all for my fiance (anime_wench)! No swords, guns or flaming hands pretty much = boring. "But," you may say, "you got to be a robot!" Yes... a robot, that's built for sex... It's a glorified blow-up doll!

All kidding aside, I did actually enjoy this manga. When my fiance and I met one of the first things she said was that I reminded her of Night. So naturally we had to do this cosplay eventually! I'm a little ashamed to say that I already owned ALL of the clothing for this costume, so all I really had to do was pull it out of the closet.


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Series Absolute Boyfriend
Character Night Tenjo


Mehdia I really loved the Absolute Boyfriend manga and it's great to see someone cosplay it. You both did great.

pyrodancer This is my first time ever seeing an Absolute Boyfriend cosplay! I've read the manga and have watched the live action series and I totally love it! Y'all did such an amazing job with this photoshoot!!! <3

anime_wench ......I'D BUY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cough* Ahem, I mean... uh.... great cosplay baby cakes. ;-)

Hopie One of my favorite manga, I love that you did this! :)