Shining Armor

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I now it doesn't look it but I'd say this is about 83% complete. I need to have a badge made for the cutie mark. I need to make the chest plate and I need to work with the wig but other then that I'm happy with it.

I might die from heat exhaustion because the coat is wool and the con is in August, all of the people doesn't help. Totally worth it. The coat is bought. I won't credit the seller because it was slightly damaged and little bit of a rip off. You might also notice the collar is not the right colour. Again this is a expensive coat based on a historical pattern that will be used for another cosplay as well, so I'm just going to take the hit and let it be inaccurate.

I've been wanting to do this character since I saw him on the show. The fact there was a strong male character was enough for me. His outfit sealed the deal for me. If you have any questions on how I did it I'm more then happy to give pro tips.

More pictures to come when it's fully complete and debuted.


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Character Shining Armor


blinkyblues :D Even though you pointed out one of the major flaws that bothers me with this cosplay, YOU ACTUALLY NOTICED IT! :D:D:D:D Yes, it's a Royal Welch Fusiliers tunic. I'm actually using that same coat for 1812 Canada cosplay so I thought, why not use the same coat for both?

Testabar Did you use a reproduction of a British Revolutionary War officer's tunic as your base? I personally think despite the minor flaws it look outstanding!