Ayanami Rei Grimrock

Neon Genesis Evangelion



I'd already made this along with Grimrock Asuka last year, but my friend/model changed her mind about coming to Otakon last minute, so I kinda felt silly walking around all by my lonesome. Simple white cotton and jersey, black zippers, some black nylon on the gloves and in the black design spots... oddly enough, the only thigh-high stockings I could find that actually stay the hell up all day are embolism stockings, but whatever. The shoes are cheap Uggs, painted with latex and trimmed up as needed. The Sandalphon doll is just red cotton, stitched as appropriate, with a bent coat hanger inside. It's pretty simple, overall.


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Last Updated 4 years ago
Created 8 years ago
Series Neon Genesis Evangelion
Character Ayanami Rei Grimrock
Variant Grimrock


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