Ninth/9th Doctor

Doctor Who

My fourth cosplay. This one was so easy to pull as I already had the t-shirt, pants and jacket; I just had to buy the sonic screwdriver for $30.

The best parts were 1) getting told by a few of my fellow Whovians that of the three 9th Doctors that appeared that weekend, I was the best, and 2) getting featured on the Fan Expo Canada 2011 edition of Space channel's InnerSPACE and a segment of CBC News.

Couple of video clips I'm in:

Dalek Auric exterminates a couple of victims

CBC Fan Expo 2011 segment with Doctor Who fans
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Series Doctor Who
Character Ninth/9th Doctor

LinkPwnsGanon It's really nice to see people cosplay the ninth Doctor :)

ChocoboxDreamer I'm not too familiar with Doctor Who (I've seen cosplay but haven't watched the show) but I think you look great!

Narnian Well done! It's great to see a 9th cosplay!