YuYu Hakusho



Yu Yu Hakusho is what I believe to be the first show I recognized as anime. In all honesty it took me a significant amount of time to warm up to it. As I did I realized how solid and complete a show it was. The secondary characters all had such depth, and were so multi-faceted.

Kurama was a character that continued to surprise me through the series. He was very calm and calculated when introduced, yet empathetic with a strong sense of morality. He was a powerhouse demon contained in a body that would not allow him to meet that potential. He had a sense of humor, intense loyalty, and a sadistic violence egged on by the demon within.

His humanity made him easy to relate to, Yoko kept him interesting.

This costume was a long time coming. It was not technically challenging, expensive, or really especially unique, but this character started it all for me and I hope I did him enough justice.


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Series YuYu Hakusho
Character Kurama
Variant Shuichi Minamino (Dark Tournament)


Desertfyre Gorgeous costume!! I love the pattern of the fabric! It gives it more character! Kurama happens to be my favorite YYH character! =D