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this is just the hed im working on the rest of the costume. it has a moveing jaw and led lights in the forhed and eyes and mouth.

Diablo 3 Diablo Costume
Built by Joshua Smith

The entire upper half of the costume's body was constructed, assembled, and painted in the time frame of 8 days, each day working approximately 4 hours. About $145 has went into the materials, all of them being purchased from Walmart except for the black gloves (marching gloves) that were bought from a local music store.

I do intend on going to BlizzCon this coming year. Hope to see you guys there!

Glue Sticks (2 Small Stick Packs, 3 Large Sticks Packs)
Aluminum Foil (37 ft Heavy Duty)
Poster Board (10 Sheets)
Craft Foam (4 Foam 12 Packs)
LED Lights (2 Batt. Operated Packs)
C Batteries (6 Pack and 4 Pack)
Paint (Black, Red, Orange, Yellow)
Clear Coat Spray (2 Cans)
Black Long Sleeve Shirt
Black Gloves (1 Pair)


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Series Diablo III
Character Diablo 3 Diablo


cookie-nommer amazing detail!! It lights up as well! Awesome job! :D

Ithlia I think if I ever saw you in this in person...I would just have to give you a hug, then bow down to you for the amazing job you have done on this cosplay o.o

jeoa That is AMAZING!

Samael_Nekozuki OMG! amazing *----------*

CinnamonJazz How is this even possible!?! Incredible!

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onwardwall Be my friend and teach me your awesome ways. (Seriously though, AMAZING job)

Xaljira WOW - this is just amazing work! Wish I had a smidgen of your talent ^_^

Artemis~ EPIC, no other word can describe it! O.O

Shulivra WOOW EPIC GOOD Extraordinario *O* Omedetto~ Congrats~ Felicitaciones~ <3

KisshuTheKiller You sir... just won the internet.... holy god you're amazing!

Kuchiki-chan Loveeeeee this. It's also amazing how a lot of it is out of basic materials! True talent, man!

Nerfherder Amazing costume. Especially the head is really well made. But get some photoshoot photos of equal awesomeness and it'll be 10/10. The costume really deserves it :)

[email protected] Epic WIIIN :-) congrats for this absolutely well deserved showcase xx

Chiasa-chan O.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EtherealRose Quite amazing! The details are excellent! Any tips on the use of craft foam, what paint is best to use, patterns etc for a first timer working with craft foam for costumes? Thanks!

KyasarinUriruzu OMG, do you work for a movie prop company or something? You know a lot about making realistic looking creatures.

Cheyenne Rayne So epic and awesome!

Thevina that's just bad ass all the way around. AWESOME job and congrats on the showcase!