Mami Tomoe

Puella Magi Madoka Magica



Everything but the boots and socks were made by me.

The wig was an Arda Lulu and one clip on ponytail for the curls lat minute. Because the Chibi was too tight for me to get my head into circumference wise I sold it and got the Lulu instead.

The Charlotte and Kyubey in this photoshoot was bought online by me but I sold Kyubey to split-psychosis our Madoka afterwards.

New wig made by Kukkii-san.

I will fill this in more!

I was roped into doing the FanExpo Masquerade this past 2011 one. I had not intention initially to do it as I was just aiming to get it just done on time. So nothing was planned!
I so wanted to have music onstage. lol

Dance shorts are the best things ever. ;) I wasn't planning to flash anyone ... oops.


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Series Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Character Mami Tomoe
Variant Puella Magi


Narnian Well made! Looks awesome!

Rhapsodey I actually used your Mami for some references for my own... owo" You look lovely, as does your cosplay. c: Love it!

tehkukikookie You are such an adorable Mami! /)^3^(\

Kefkaownsall nice job you look cute

pink-lemonade You make such a fantastic Mami! Great job! :)