Mortal Kombat



This costume is one of those that really made me question my abilities as a cosplayer and seamstress xD. There were so many times where I thought to myself "this is just going to come out looking stupid". I'm happy to say that it came out fairly well! Mortal Kombat has always been my favorite fighting game, and I've always liked Jade's colors over Mileena and Kitana (plus she's closer to my skin tone xD).

Every part of this costume was handmade except for green spanks. I made the top by first drafting a basic bikini top pattern and then layering the pieces over an old bra. The gold trim was all hand sewn and took forever @[email protected] My favorite part about the costume are the green contacts because they match the fabric so well and just accent the costume amazingly.

I plan on fixing the belt, boot covers, arm guards and head piece, as they were all last minute and have a bit of fraying on the ends of them. Additionally, I need to make the gloves since I forgot them &gt;<. I also want to make a staff that actually glows purple like Jade's. Overall everything came out very nicely and the costume was very well received. I can't wait to wear it again!


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Series Mortal Kombat
Character Jade


Caróll Way Verry Good !*-*

Chelseasmile101 So awesome! :D