Shari R'Vek as Inspector Cabanela

Inspector Cabanela

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective


Cosplayer: Shari R'Vek
I had, liiike, an unreasonable amount of fun wearing this X°°°°D To the point it was almost hard going back to my usual self (not exaggerating here). I've played Ghost Trick through this year's April and May and absolutely loved it like few other things in my life (including the Ace Attorney series). The vast majority of the main cast stroke me as brilliant and lovable and above all fangirl-friendly and I'd be hard pressed to put my favorites in an order of sorts, though detectives Cabanela and Jowd stand out as definite highlights (and Yomiel, and Sissel, and... XD ).

Since both Eva/Laughingpineapple and I were squeeing as hard as we could all over the game and wanted badly to cosplay as someone Ghost Trick at Lucca, we chose to go as a pair. And what better duo to cosplay than them olde partners, not to mention they're shamefully under-represented (Jowd especially) in the fandom? Laughingpineapple picked Detective Jowd, since he's her favourite character in the game. I, on the other hand, was all too happy to be Cabanela since I probably like him slightly better in the end (but then again...). What do you know, I've always had a soft spot for men who can dance.

Here comes the twist of the female versions: since, well, we thought we just wouldn't cut it cosplaying them as men for various reasons, we each took the best out of our typecasting. Laughingpineapple's blonde, curly hair was perfect for Jowd's mango-like thingy, while adding a dash of white skin paint to mine was all that was needed (along with a high ponytail) to make a she!Cabanela exactly like how I imagined her.
The only complaint I'd raise to Inspector Cabanela here if I were to meet him in person is, he *sure* likes to fork out for his clothes: not a single white trenchcoat I found in stores or on eBay cost below €45. Which, for a cosplay that was to be a closet/instant-type one, was definitely too high. I ended up using a fake lab coat which did the job just right. Now, however, having discovered how much I love this attire, I'll slowly improve it by buying the right pieces, one at a time, including a real trenchcoat, shoes and fake white hair to boot.

Spirit!Sissel was created from scratch by Laughingpineapple. =3 Pics were mainly taken by our friend and fellow GT lover Liliana/Sl88, whom I thank for making us a photoshoot that will stick to my memory. =3