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I'm not going to write up a dissertation on Vexen's personality or character design at this juncture. I shall simply note that he is one of my favorite Organization members, so thus I have been meaning to make a cosplay of him for some time.

...Someone just had a wacky notion to make him go all TRON. So, I got all jazzed about that idea, which was topical given Legacy's coming. Plus, this wasn't an *entirely* lame cross-over since Space Paranoids *does* exist in Kingdom Hearts (and truly, it is one of the few Disney elements that makes any sense at all and is well-integrated to the plot.) And who doesn't want a glowing costume? Personally, I didn't need much convincing.

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Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Vexen
Variant Space Paranoids


Bunnjamin incredepic!!! mlar latrix

Thormungandr how did you attach the el tape to the garment? I am attaching el tape to the inner lining of a hoodie so I need to know how to attach it before i do something stupid

if-i-were-rain2 soooooo coooools!!! did you use electroluminescent tape???!?!