Kukkii-san as Super Sailor Jupiter

Super Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Moon S

Cosplayer: Kukkii-san
I made this for a Sailor Moon group at Connichi 2010.

Jupiter wouldn't have been my first choice, but I like her anyway. She's such a strong and positive character and she acts like a big sister to the other senshi, I feel like I can relate to that :)

The pattern and construction is the same as for my Uranus costume, I just added a few little tweaks here and there, and we all agreed on matching fabrics and accessories. I wore high heels to keep up with the others in my group, since Jupiter is supposed to be taller than all of the other Inner Senshi.

I was lazy and didn't bother to look at all the reference images I had before I cut and styled the bangs on the wig, so now the side part is on the wrong side -_- It's on the right in a few screenshots that I used as a reference, but 90% of the time, it's actually on the left. Duh.

Cost: EUR 120 / ~ US$ 155