Final Fantasy XIII



I am so proud of this costume! It needs some repairs now that I've worn it quite a bit :X

The jacket is made of a heavy white denim and lined with suede, that thing is nice and toasty. The buckles were ordered from The skirt is also a heavy denim. Necklace is official Square necklace, I like to shake it 8D

The belts/leg pouch/sword holster bag/boots (formerly my Umineko Stake boots) are all various leathers. That leg pouch, what a pain in the ass, one of the things that took the longest, but all the pockets are functioning so for once I had places to store my cell phone, room key, wallet, etc in a costume, what a novelty XD

The shoulder pauldron is Fimo, foamies, plastic sheeting and El Wire so it glows 8D It's one of my fav parts.

The sword is foamboard and plastic sheeting. It's hard to make that stupid thing in a tiny apartment, there were other materials I think that would have benefited me more, but I have no place for power tools D: Still happy with it though! I would like to make Omega Weapon though sometime soon.

Augh it took forever but I'm so thrilled! I really really love XIII, and Lightning is probably the best female, if not one of the best characters in the FF universe to date in my opinion 8D Her costume is really comfy, I was afraid I'd be fidgeting with stuff slipping all day, but it all stayed in place no matter what I did. Wow, functionality? That's a switch. Thanks Nomura!


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Series Final Fantasy XIII
Character Lightning


Mermaidpower I love it! Accurate and you look awesome. I can see that your hard work paid off!

GracefulNightingale You make such a fantastic Light! :D Congratulations on the completion of your costume! I swear if I ever were to get Serah done, I would kill to do a photoshoot with you! ^_^

Narnian Awesome Lightning!!!!

Yumcarrots I love your cosplay. You make an amazing Lightning!!